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Is Your Pain Interfering
With Recreation & Fun?

Is Your Pain Interfering
With Recreation & Fun?

  • Tired of Being Passed from One Provider to Another?
  • Imagine What It Will Be Like to Move Without Pain
  • Not Sure Which Treatment is Best?
  • Want to Avoid Unnecessary Drugs & Surgery?
Our Promises to You

  • You’ll Receive a Private, Thorough Initial Evaluation
  • You’ll Feel Empowered with a Clear Plan for Recovery
  • You’ll Receive One-on-One Care From Your Clinician Every Visit
  • You’ll Improve Your Mobility, Strength, and Independence

With Three Locations, Getting Started is Fast & Easy

  • Here’s Why You Should Consider
    Montgomery County Rehab

    We’ve Helped Over 26,000 Patients Reach Their Goals
    A Family-Owned Practice Where Relationships & Results Matter Most
    Active Supporters Of The Community, Charities, & Recreational Events
  • 30 Years Of Experience Providing One-On-One, Hands-On Treatment

We Treat Most Areas Of The Body With
Custom Treatment Plans & Current Best Practices Including:

How We Treat:

Success Stories
  • Christina G.

    Great experience for my first time doing physical therapy! The staff at Montco Rehab made my low back feel so much better so quickly. Will definitely return for any future PT needs.

  • Sam Z.

    Have been going to this facility since the mid 90's for various post surgical PT. Most recent was in April 2017. No change in service - still the finest PT center around hands down.The staff members are tops, well versed and educated in this field.

  • Barb M.

    Great place to rehab! Clean facility, knowledgeable staff that keeps you focused and gets you back in shape. A happy and encouraging place to help you work through a tough time.

We are In-Network with Most Insurance Plans

NOTE: No Referral, No Problem - We Can See Patients Without a Physician’s Prescription

If you don’t see your plan listed, please give us a call. We make every effort to verify your insurance benefits before your first visit with us.

Why you should Consider us over
Corporate Clinics or Hospitals:
Montco Rehab
Montco Rehab
Montco Rehab
Montco Rehab
Get Started Right Away Yes No No
Serving The Community Since 1987 Yes No Yes
One-on-One Treatment with Your Clinician Every Visit Yes No Maybe
Hands-On, Manual Therapy Experts Yes Maybe Maybe
Orthopedic Physical Therapy Specialists Yes No Maybe
Senior/Geriatric Rehab Experts Yes No No
Experts In Billing Medicare/Medicaid Yes Maybe Maybe
Family-Owned Business Where Results Matter Most Yes No No
Most Affordable Yes No No
Montgomery County Rehabilitation & Sports Therapy
Get Started Right AwayYes
Serving The Community Since 1987Yes
One-on-One Treatment with Your Clinician Every VisitYes
Hands-On, Manual Therapy ExpertsYes
Orthopedic Physical Therapy SpecialistsYes
Senior/Geriatric Rehab ExpertsYes
Experts In Billing Medicare/MedicaidYes
Get Started Right Away   No
Serving The Community Since 1987   No
One-on-One Treatment with Your Clinician Every Visit   No
Hands-On, Manual Therapy Experts   Maybe
Orthopedic Physical Therapy Specialists   No
Senior/Geriatric Rehab Experts   No
Experts In Billing Medicare/MedicaidMaybe
Get Started Right Away   No
Serving The Community Since 1987   Yes
One-on-One Treatment with Your Clinician Every VisitMaybe
Hands-On, Manual Therapy ExpertsMaybe
Orthopedic Physical Therapy SpecialistsMaybe
Senior/Geriatric Rehab Experts   No
Experts In Billing Medicare/MedicaidMaybe

The Recovery Process

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